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Butts in seats

I teach workshopleaders in the Netherlands how to get butts in seats.

And I love to share my knowlegde with workshopleaders all over the world.

So, here's what to do: sign up below and  I will give you access to the 7 zoom sessions I did with a few fellow Passion Test Facilitators which I have taught how to fill up their Passion Test Workshops.

Even if you are not a passion test facilitator this training will help you get results.

I belief that if all WORKSHOPLEADERS know how to fill up the rooms, we WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

Hugo Bakker

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Here are the topics:

Lesson 1: How to create a marketing plan for an event/workshop

Lesson 2: Positioning your workshop

Lesson 3: How to create a mailing list

Lesson 4: The Ultimate Workshop Salespage

Lesson 5: Selling tickets on auto pilot

Lesson 6: How to use Facebook to fill your workshop

Lesson 7: How to use LinkedIn to fill your workshop

I did the Passion Test Facilitator Certification Online in August, look, here I am...;